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About us

Christopher Toher has been passionate about educating others about Chemistry since working as a peer tutor in the early 1990s. After earning BA and MS degrees in Chemistry, an Ed.D. in Curriculum Leadership, and serving over a decade in industry, as well as two decades as a college educator, tutoring high-school, college, and post-bac students in General and Organic Chemistry remains his first love. His dream to expand his instruction to a global student population culminated in his founding of Higher Degree Consulting, Inc. in 2006.

In addition to providing online instruction to students of all ages, Higher Degree Consulting, Inc. provides lecture materials, practice exercises, practice exams, and guidance in the planning and execution of academic projects and research activities. Sessions are scheduled at a time most convenience to you, regardless of time zone. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach for success!


Online Chemistry Tutoring & Instruction

Since 2006, Higher Degree Consulting, Inc. has successfully transformed high-school and college students into more confident, skillful Chemistry problem solvers. Instruction is available in High School Chemistry, AP Chemistry, General Chemistry I &II, and Organic Chemistry I & II. Practice exams and other instructional materials are available.

Chemistry Standardized-Test Preparation

Higher Degree Consulting, Inc. has prepared generations of students for top scores on the Chemistry SAT Subject Test, AP Examination in Chemistry, Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT, Chemistry section), and Dental Admissions Test (DAT, General and Organic-Chemistry sections).

Academic Research & School Projects

Higher Degree Consulting, Inc. is delighted to share its expertise in natural and social-science research to help you shine as a researcher. From identifying where to start with constructing research questions and problem-solving strategies to formatting the draft of a publication or poster, we are ready to help you construct a timeline toward successful research outcomes. Guidance for both qualitative and quantitative research designs is available.


Best Tutor in Chemistry

“We were lucky to find Chris when my son needed some help in the middle of the second semester of his AP Chemistry class. Chris is such an amazing and unique tutor who helps you understand and goes above and beyond to check and make sure the level of your understanding is sufficient. That is such an important step to establish comprehensive study skills for most science subjects. Chris is super familiar with the scope of AP and SAT exams, and he is excellent at highlighting areas that need more work. In addition, Chris offers excellent flexibility to accommodate our schedule. With help from Chris, my son finished this school year strong and scored a 5 on the AP exam and 790 in the SAT subject test. Thank you again, Chris!”

Truly Gifted Chemistry Tutor

“My son had trouble with a college chemistry class. I researched to find someone to help him and was lucky enough to find Christopher. He truly seems to care and makes himself available to the student. I was amazed at his level of commitment. My son just got an A in the class and I’m really thankful to Christopher for his help”.

Amazing Tutor…Goes Above and Beyond…

“Chris has been tutoring our daughter for about a year and it has made all the difference in the world. His enthusiasm and passion for chemistry combined with his vast knowledge of the subject and genuine care for his pupils made the entire learning experience wonderful. Our daughter finished the year with an “A” in Honors Chemistry and has decided to take AP Chemistry this upcoming year. He has also helped our college aged daughter in Organic Chemistry. It made a *huge* difference with difficult topics she was struggling with. Thank you, Chris!”


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